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FxPro is a proud partner of McLaren Racing

since 2018

We are honoured to sponsor a team with such a rich history in motorsport and to support them in their ongoing success as we both continue to expand our trophy cabinet!

McLaren car
McLaren car

Yacht Club de Monaco

Since 2016, FxPro has been a main sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Club

Bonded by a prestigious reputation and passion for excellence, FxPro has been a long time supporter of the Yacht Club de Monaco.

Beda Sailing Team

For many years, FxPro has defied the winds with our very own sailing team.

Created in 2015 and based in Monaco, the FxPro ‘'Beda’' sailing team includes 5 sea explorers and has won 6 competitions to date.

Varasemad sponsorlus

United-Kingdom Official Main Sponsor of Watford FC 2017 - 2019
United-Kingdom Aston Villa FC ametlik peamised meeskonna sponsor 2012 - 2013
United-Kingdom Fulham FC ametlik peamised meeskonna sponsor 2012 - 2013
United-Kingdom Virgin Racing F1 Team 2010
Monaco AS Monaco FC peamine meeskonna sponsor 2011 - 2012
Cyprus WRC ametlik Forexi kauplemispartner 2011
Cyprus IRS Rally 2009
Cyprus WRC Rally 2010
Switzerland BMW Sauber F1 meeskonna vormel 1 2009
Cyprus "Superstari pühapäev" golfiturniir 2010 2009
Australia Super Rugby - Naming Rights Partner 2009
Malaysia Ametlik partner - AFC Meistrite Liiga 2008
Monaco FxPro Monte-Carlo rannavolli 2011-2018